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— About the Master of Orion III Team

— Contact Information:

    Thank you for your interest in Master of Orion III!

    For technical support regarding Master of Orion III, please call Infogrames Technical Support at (425) 951-7108 or visit the tech support area on their web site.

    If you have any questions, or comments about Master of Orion III, please visit our message boards, hosted by Infogrames.

    **PLEASE BE AWARE: If you experience technical problems with the discussion boards, CONTACT INFOGRAMES TECH SUPPORT. Quicksilver Software is not responsible in any way, shape or form, for the technical administration of these discussion boards.

    For technical problems regarding THIS web site, please send a detailed message regarding the issue to *PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU USE THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS TO REQUEST TECH SUPPORT FOR YOUR PC/MAC GAME, ASK ABOUT FUTURE PATCHES, OR COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING RELATED TO MOO3, your mail will be summarily deleted and absolutely no reply will be sent.

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