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About the Master of Orion III Team

Because everyone on the team is important, we're listing them all in simple alphabetical order. Enjoy your MOO3 team in all their modesty.

From Quicksilver Software and Infogrames Entertainment

David CraftDavid "Stormhound" Craft, an Assistant Designer, comes to us via modem from the wilds of Missouri, where he worked for years as a programmer before getting noticed for his comments on the MOO3 discussion boards. Since then, he's been doing some solid work on various parts of the game, first as a fan/volunteer and now as his "day job." Although David is new to the world of computer game design, he has been an avid player of (and tinkerer with) games of all sorts since he was a wee tyke in the mid-60's. He claims to be able to understand the artists, engineers, designers and management equally well (but since he constantly proves it, it's hard to be cynical). When he isn't buried in MOO3, he listens to classical music and Weird Al Yankovic, reads sci-fi and fantasy books voraciously, and plays and collects all sorts of games (especially role-playing games).

Kevin DillKevin Dill is a recent draftee to the MOO3 team, currently assigned to space combat AI. He's been playing computer games since there were computer games and has logged more time playing MOO and MOO2 than almost any other game. Kevin has spent the last twelve years of his life in school and the US Army (the latter to pay for the former). Unlike the rest of the of the team, he's never set foot on the UCI campus, opting instead for Carleton College, Hawaii Pacific University, The University of Pittsburgh, and Northwestern University; plus Army basic training, Airborne, and Air Assault Schools. (After all that, we can't tell if Kevin is too laid-back or too crazy.) Naturally, his first "real world" job would be on this project (where "real worlds" are populated with Trilarian Battle Cruisers and Bulrathi slave colonies). His hobbies include all types of gaming, reading old Robert Heinlein novels, skiing, rock climbing, and SCUBA diving. He's discovering that his hitch at Quicksilver will be more than just a job to pay off his school loans, it will be an adventure (, strategy) game.

Alan EmerichAlan Emrich is with Quicksilver Software and is one of the primary designers and the principle writer on the team. He's also "the content guy" for this web site. Some of you might remember him as the strategy games editor of Computer Gaming World magazine (back in its independent heyday) or as the author of richly detailed Strategy Guides including Sid Meier's Civilization or Rome on 640K a Day, Master of Orion, and  Master of Magic (the latter two with co-designer Tom Hughes). When he's not having a cow MOO-ing over this project, Alan enjoys all kinds of gaming, but his current love is a board wargame called Totaler Krieg! set in WW2 Europe. Alan's got a "real life," too, with his wife, Petra, sons James (15) and Archer (1.5), and daughter Avalon (5). You can send him an e-mail at or visit his home page, "The Emrich Files."

Bill FisherBill Fisher is the Founder, Kingpin, and Scoutmaster of Quicksilver Software, Inc. and a very hands-on leader. Prior to founding Quicksilver Software, Inc. in 1984, Bill managed home computer software development for Mattel Electronics. He designed a few Intellivision programs while there, but it's those 16 years managing his own software development house that sets Bill apart from the rest of the software industry. How many other software developers have been about for even 6 years, much less 16? Bill was a "computer nerd" long before being a nerd was cool (and before personal computers began invading people's homes) and cannot find food hot or spicy enough.

Katie Fisher has been writing for games and fun for over 10 years. Her most recent work was on Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus. In addition to writing dialogue for the game she was also responsible for overseeing the writing team in creating the characters and over arching storyline. After the writing was done she worked closely with Interplay's audio department in coordinating all recording sessions. Katie has also entered many writing contests in her time. Most recently one of her screenplays placed 17th in the Writer's Digest 2000 Contest.

Scott GodfreyScott Godfrey ("the other guy") is a technical artist on the MOO3 team at Quicksilver Software. Quicksilver rescued him from the dungeons of a technical support job in Massachusetts and, for the first time in his life, he has not had to shovel snow during the winter and doesn't plan on doing so ever again. Although he drove his car 3,300 miles westward to join us, Scott spends most of his commuter time flaunting his thin, well balanced form racing through the local hills and mountains on bicycles of his own custom design and construction. As if the commute weren't enough, he also competitively races time trial bicycles and then relaxes with a good meal of red meat and hot peppers to loud music that the neighbors really don't like. As with most artists and vampires, Scott prefers to work in an unlit environment but does get out to see the sun at least twice a day.

Ryan GreeneRyan Greene is one of the user interface engineers on the Master of Orion III project. Like so many Quicksilver alumni, Ryan is currently involved with UC Irvine where he's studying ICS (information and computer science), which makes him only a part-time slave to this project at his tender 21 years of age. When he's freed from his manacles at school and here at the factory, Ryan is a lost cause. With no particular interest in books, movies, music, or anything remotely cultural, Ryan spends his free time doing more of the stuff he does at work and school!

Floyd GrubbFloyd Grubb first started gaming in 1981 by opening a little blue box that said Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set on the cover and daring to read the rules. Since then, he has played pen and paper RPGs, Wargames, Boardgames, Card games, and Console Games ranging from Pong to Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Computer games ranging from Wizardry I to Unreal Tournament. He has been an avid player of online RPGS since the mid-80's when he played Island of Kesmai on Compuserve and is currently addicted to Everquest. He has done design work on Stonekeep, Starfleet Academy, and Invictus. He claims that even if he won the Lotto, he'd still keep working because he loves making games so much, but no one here believes that. Floyd is helping us on the game design end of things.

Nate GrossWe've added Nate Gross to the swelling ranks of engineers building a better universe for you in MOO3. Nate started playing video games in Kindergarten (ironically, ones by our own Bill Fisher and Steve Roney for the Intellivision system) and discovered Dungeons & Dragons at the tender age of 8. When he received an Apple IIe at age 10 he began programming. Nate didn't know he was a computer geek, however, because he also likes skate boarding, surfing, skiing, soccer, martial arts, and track & field. While enjoying all of this athletic "denial" of his gaming geekdom, Nate studied at California State University at Fullerton where he got his B.S. in Computer Science. He paid his way though school by running a text-based gladiatorial fighting game called Pathocrom that he wrote himself (and is still running for extra income all these years later). Nate is not only nice, but noble too (

Oscar GuzmanOscar Guzman is Quicksilver's new 3D artist and claims to have been drawing since the womb. Although his talent does seem inherent, we sincerely doubt these fanciful claims. We do believe that he was, however, inspired artistically throughout his life by video games, cartoons, comics and Cocoa Puffs. Before QSI, Oscar worked on really exciting projects at Hanna-Barbara, EME Entertainment and numerous freelancing gigs. He even created dozens of awe-inspiring tattoos for the less fortunate of Los Angeles County. Lately, Oscar has delved into more than just illustration. When he's not drawing really complicated aliens for MOO3 or experimenting with cough medicine, he's been fervent about music, painting, sculpting and creating his own twisted artwork.

Constantine HantzopoulosAfter "The Tribe" at Hasbro had "spoken" and restructured our first Producer (Mike Mancuso) off of this project, promoted our second (Bill Levay) to Executive Producer, and reassigned our third Producer (Jeff "Bootch" Buccellato), the current "Survivor" in the Hasbro Producer spot is Constantine Hantzopoulos. He has been in the software industry since 1986, most recently Project Director and Senior Designer from Looking Glass Studios where he spearheaded the Flight Unlimited franchise and contributed to Thief: The Dark Project and System Shock 2. Constantine is an avid strategy gamer, currently enjoying Combat Mission. He's played in a rock band (Ragweed) and is a huge comics collector (in particular, Stan Lee's and Neil Gaiman's works).

Michael HershbergMichael Hershberg is a recent addition to Quicksilver and has been a big MOO fan since the release of the original game. Needless to say, he's really psyched to be a part of the new 5X vision. Outside of work, Mike is finishing up his last quarter at UCLA, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. (Tip for new hires: it never hurts to go to the boss' alma mater.) When not playing games, shooting archery, or catching the latest flicks with his friends, Mike can be found either eating, sleeping, or programming (sometimes all at once!). He also enjoys walks on the beach and rainy days...

Rantz HoseleyRantz Hoseley, whose real name nicely doubles as his stage name, is the Art Director at Quicksilver. He designed the overall look and interface design for MOO3. He's also "historian" for all the races in the game, determining which race evolved from what and, therefore, the evolutionary abilities that each race possesses. Rantz' background is in movies, rock videos, and comics where he's done production and storyboarding. (Not bad for someone trained in the Dutch Masters method of oil painting!) Rantz comes to us after surviving a long stint at Disney Interactive. Still an avid fan of animation, music, and all things right-brained, Rantz is credited with being one of the few members of the MOO3 to have small children to share his own youthful exuberance with. Rantz lives on "the edge" where style meets substance.

Tom HughesTom E. Hughes, Jr. began his gaming career by playing wargames way back in the summer of 1967 playing Avalon Hill's D-Day (and he's been making variants to games ever since). Since then, he's wasted his non-gaming time working with Cray Supercomputers and teaching math, chemistry, and physics.With his more productive gaming time, Tom enjoys Magic: The Gathering and just about every computer strategy game that comes down the pike. Tom is one of the two primary designers on this project (specializing in the areas of ship design, ship combat, and technology) and our "numbers guru." As the High Lord of Spreadsheets (and you should have seen what he did for the numbers behind game Star Trek: Starfleet Command), Tom is making MOO3's ship combat the envy of the free world and will be delivering a system for technology that others will be emulating for a long time to come.

Tim HumeTim Hume will be programming a lot of the AI for MOO3 (poor bugger). Although full of his BS in computer science from Northwest Missouri State University, Tim went to UCI in pursuit of a Ph.D that has remained elusive. in AI (you following all those abbreviations?). He discovered computer games there in the form of a Unix version of NetHack, and fate carried him only a short distance from there to programming games at Interplay Productions (which is just "around the corner" from Quicksilver). Tim pulled a three-year tour at Interplay with the Mac version of Fallout to his credit. In his alleged free time, Tim enjoys playing racquetball at 6:30 in the morning, going to movies like Smoke Signals with his wife, and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. While programming, he listens to Lyle Lovett, Otis Redding, Chris Isaak, Walter Hyatt, and NPR.

Chung Ho KanYet another of our UCI alumni working studiously for QSI, Chung Ho Kan was once an art intern/punching bag, but is now an on-staff 3D artist/punching bag. When he is not producing 3D artwork for MOO3 and getting clowned for not having any door handles on his rice rocket, he's at home watching television, playing endless hours of Counter-Strike, working on his personal CG short entitled "r.a.m.", eating carne asadas, or hanging out with his friends engulfing liters of Newcastle beer.

Jason KruseJason Kruse is the most recent addition to the MOO3 team. He came from Rhythm and Hues studios where he worked on animation for such films as "Stuart Little" and "Cats and Dogs". Prior to that he worked in the dot-com world — before the crash — as a story artist and animator, then worked on a pilot for Disney. Not the traditional gamer in any sense, Jason prefers to watch the game for the artwork and story rather than play the game. Jason's other interests/turn-ons include martial arts, movies, giant monsters destroying Tokyo. He's also a Taurus.

Bill LevayBill Levay is Hasbro Interactive's Executive Producer!) on the MOO3 project. Some of you might remember him as the guy who turned the lights off for the last time at The Avalon Hill Game Company when it was acquired by Hasbro. As hard-core a gamer as you'll ever find (the man has a heart of dice), it is Bill's job to keep this project between the fences and marching along on schedule. He says that the Galley Slave kettle drum and 12 foot bullwhip he keeps in his office are merely there for decorative purposes. (We sure hope so.)

Irene MacabanteIrene Macabante is QSI's resident GUI designer. She was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada (the 2nd coldest national capital in the world next to Lhasa, Tibet), but even so, feels more at home and completely satiated in the balmy tropics of Southern California. After three years in the dot-com world as a designer and 27 years of winters, Irene felt she needed to take her GUI design skills in a different direction — and preferably somewhere without snow. Then along came Quicksilver! Like most artists, she collects cool toys (especially movie & cartoon action figures) and has an office full of eye candy. Irene's real career goal is to move to Maui and become a paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboy).

Greg MarstersGreg Marsters actually paid attention while attending Fullerton College, where he belonged to the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, and was president of The Gamers Association club before transferring to U.C. Irvine where he graduated with honors in Information and Computer Science, and a minor in Management. Greg is an experienced hand on the MOO3 project, having been with Quicksilver since 1994, and serves as the lead programmer. Although trapped in our reality (i.e., in a world that he did not code), Greg still communicates with us in his own inimitable way.

Jennifer McWilliamsJennifer McWilliams is a Senior Game Designer with Hasbro Interactive where she has kept an eye on the design for MOO3 despite a lot of grueling bi-coastal travel. She spent four of her eight years in the industry in the trenches at Virgin Interactive and has worked on Majesty, Toon Struck, and numerous other titles. An avowed Rocky Horror fan, you'd never know it by looking at her, but she's a Game Geek's Game Geek and is particularly fond of MOO2 and all the micromanagement therein. When asked, "What do you do when you're not geeking?," her reply was, "Nothing. I'm a Total Geek." Jennifer is also a collector of toys, particularly action figures and playmobile guys.

Cory NelsonCory Nelson is our in-house Producer for this epic adventure in game development. Cory comes from years in the trenches at Interplay Productions where he served as a QA Projects Supervisor and Training Manager. Always an able administrator working with Quicksilver on some of their projects that Interplay has published (Star Trek: Starfleet Command and Invictus the latest among them), Cory has long demonstrated his ability to flog the publishing process forward and to get the trains to run on time with nary a cornfield collision. We're thrilled to have him on the MOO3 team.

Nicholas OlsenNicholas Olsen is MOO3's newest programming intern. He's been obsessed with computers and computer games since he was a 4th grader but didn't start programming until his sophomore year of college. Although he never intened to pursue a technical career, he fled to computer science after a year of studying English drove him to the edge of sanity. Nick now juggles helping on the MOO3 AI with studying computer science and Japanese at UC Irvine, where he is working feverishly to add himself to Quicksilver's evil army of UCI alumni. A Southern California native, Nicholas dislikes sun, beaches and eucalyptus trees, preferring to spend his time in dark, well curtained rooms where he can read, program, watch anime or do nothing without being distracted by the environment or his fellow man.

Alex Sramek joins Ryan and Nick as a programming intern, and he's focusing on the UI aspect of things. Currently, Alex attends California State University at Long Beach, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Music. He started out playing games on the Commodore 64 and still holds a special place in his heart for the old gaming system. Now, his favourite types of games are the ones that involve strategy, a bit of planning and even some luck as well. When he's not at the office or in the classroom, Alex is preoccupied with a MicroMouse Robotics Team, the ACM Programming Team, a symphonic band for which he plays clarinet and various embedded internet projects. Alex one day hopes to slow down.

Steve RoneySteve Roney entered the game industry in 1981, where he worked with Bill Fisher on Space Spartans and B-17 Bomber at Mattel Electronics. Aft they shut down, he co-founded Quicksilver with Bill, but quickly bailed for a "real" job (having a wife and two kids to feed) and spend 13 years in CAD before returning to video game land, working on the "Intellivision Lives!" CD and part-time on Starfleet Command before returning to Quicksilver full-time. Steve plays softball twice a week and is a life-long Angels fan. He also collects board games, preferring abstract strategy games.

Vince TagleVince Tagle is yet another human bridge between UC Irvine (where he spent six long years completing a degree in Computer Science) and Quicksilver Software. He was rescued by El Presidente Bill Fisher from the evil clutches of his previous job as an intern (posing as a tech writer) back in 1997 to work on Invictus: In the Shadow of Olympus. Apparently, Vince's efforts on implementing the user interface has fooled everyone into thinking he can do the same for MOO3 because that's what he's charged with doing. Remarkably, Vince has so far avoided being sucked into the void that is the Quicksilver weekly game of Magic: The Gathering.

Dennis VolperDennis Volper is yet another of our gaming rocket scientists. Like everyone else, he has roots at UCI where he served on the Computer Science faculty for eight years. Currently, he's doing the same thing, but now at the faculty at California State University at Long Beach. Like most everyone here at Quicksilver, Dennis is a cutthroat Magic: The Gathering player and loves board and computer games. Dennis has been grinding out code for combat and other elements of the game. He is also the guy who brings us a tin of chocolate chip cookies (that his wife packs) to feed the starving staff around the office (talk about job security!).

Ross WorthleyRoss Worthley joined Quicksilver in August of 2000 to fill the role as Lead Artist on the MOO3 project. He came from Nova Logic where he was the "ship guy on Tachyon." Interestingly, Ross is a self-taught computer graphic artist who has been kicking around the game business for over seven years. Naturally, Ross is a gamer (preferring first-person shooters and adventure games), but he also loves music (ranging from classical to techno; "everything they don't play on the radio," he says through a smile). Ross was a big collector of Star Wars toys and action figures up until Episode I (where he realized that "George Lucas had lost his touch").


"The Outer Circle" — Off-Site and Around the World

Daniel Boese was recently recruited is MOO3's "Star Lord," having been given the task to name every stellar body in the game. He's Canadian through-and-through, believing the beaver to be a proud and noble animal. He is also the only libertarian monarchist you'll ever find. Daniel is doing his best to keep MOO3 from being too American-centric (along with our in-house Canadian, Irene). In his spare time, he invents alien species (such as the Rrangoon), reads science-fiction, and plays PBeM RPGs (Role-Playing Games via email). His favorite computer game of all time is M.U.L.E., published for the C-64 back in the 80's.

Joan "Storm" Budow is another one of our talented, faithful and much appreciated "outer circle." She lives in New Jersey where she helps us with the literary side of things (including religion names, race descriptions, and so on). She owes her interest in the Master of Orion series to a friend who got her totally hooked on figuring out every way possible to win (paybacks are hell). When she's not busy working, she enjoys being raised by her two children and the family pets (a Dalmatian and a cat). Joan enjoys creating art of all types, gaming with her friends, listening to music, and all things above and beneath the waves.

Dave Casper is one of the many "rocket-scientist-and-gamer" consultants on the MOO3 team. (Funny, this project just seems to attract those guys.) Dave is currently researching neutrinos at the University of California at Irvine and the Super-Kamiokande experiment in Japan. Dave has worked on Rising Sun for Avalon Hill and the research system for Advanced Third Reich (and now MOO3). He's currently designing The Gathering Storm (pre-WW2 diplomatic simulation). Dave is a real "rules lawyer" (one of the best, actually). In game credits, he's been referred to as "Dave Casper, Esquire. Attorney-at-Rules." We have him on retainer to cross-examine the manual for MOO3 when it gets its day in court before being sent off to the printer.

For our Dutch touch, our team includes the aptly named Jørre Holland (a.k.a. "fuynchclick" on the MOO3 discussion boards), who lives in the Netherlands and works with the MOO3 via email. Every team in every book or movie needs its "great adventurer," and Jørre is ours. He loves everything exotic/foreign and enjoys backpacking in far-off countries, especially India. In fact, he loves the exotic so much that he recently married his very own Hindustani princess. (See what you miss when you just stay at home?) During business hours, Jørre is a professional all-round programmer (which is very helpful to our design team as he, like Tom Hughes and David Craft, see both sides of the issues with added clarity). Naturally, he is an avid Master of Orion fan since he stumbled upon the first installment lo those many years ago. He was to the MOO3 design team's "outer circle" and charged with the task of programming a working model for the game's "religious combat." (That is, who is converting who to what religion and how fast do these ideals spread.)

Jacob Ossar was recruited into the "outer circle" of the design team from the MOO3 discussion boards. By day, he's a mild-mannered instructor at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he teaches philosophy. In his time off, he metamorphoses into Quicksilver's "ethos guy" and Encyclopedia Galactica stringer. Beneath his affable exterior lurks the ruthless mind that convinced Alan to turn what used to be the "religion" model into the "philosophy and religion" model. In his misspent youth, Jacob cut his teeth on classic games like Kingmaker, Ogre, Cosmic Encounter, and Dungeons & Dragons, as well as computer games like X-Com, Starflight, and the "Master of" games that we all know and love. Jacob is an incorrigible punster (so don't incorrige him!), but he has some redeeming features too - for example, when he's in the mood, he brews mighty tasty beer.

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