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Announcement from September 25th, 2002


I'm proud to announce that the following people were lucky enough to get the call to become a Master of Orion III Beta Tester. So, without further ado, here they are!

  • Chris Green
  • Ryan Kristopher Huggins
  • Joe Millenbach
  • Eric Wertzler
  • Brian Taylor
  • Rick Francis
  • Rebecca Rose
  • Nate Timperley
  • Nicholas Lindeman
  • Deborah Durham
  • Jake Bernstein
  • Stona Jackson
  • Jeremy Swigart
  • Scott Lantz
  • Alan Sagan
  • John Surovy
  • Eric Wetzel
  • Jose Maccera
  • Matthew Claussen
  • Shane Shull
  • David Brown
  • Michael Gleeson
  • Nathanael Lewis
  • Chris Johnson
  • Shaun Mullahey

They were all notified earlier today that they had won and I want to thank them for not spoiling the surprise.

To all the fans who entered and did not win, I'm sorry and I wish I could open it up to everyone, but I simply cannot. However, I'd like to give you all a very sincere thanks for participating!

Lastly, I'd also like to generously thank Dan and Markos at Apolyton for helping put this together. Please visit and support their most excellent strategy game website.

Best to you all,

Constantine Hantzopoulos
Sr. Producer
Master of Orion 3
Infogrames Inc.

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