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Cool StuffForeign Office Screenshots

October 3rd, 2002

The time has come, our little friends...

As MOO3 rounds the final stretch, heading towards the finish line at breakneck speed, we are stepping up the information and image feeds. Expect to see more screens, stills from cinematics, music files, race bible excerpts and more! In addition, various sites and magazines will be featuring MOO3 interviews, previews, and articles (including a very-long overdue Dev Diary on Gamespy) which we'll point you to. Who knows, as we reach Gold Master status, we may even have a scheduled .IRC chat! Stay tuned!

Kicking it all off are new stills from diplomactic exchanges in progress.

Thanks for your continued patience and support as we finish the game. We can't wait to get it into the hands of the fans.

The MOO3 Team


And now for the screenshots...

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