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Cool StuffMore Eye Candy and Treats from the Art Department

Are you ever getting a treat today! The Art Über Boss has decided to release some very special sneak peeks at the Orion Guardian (last seen in MOO2) as well as a Grendarl diplomacy shot and -- MOO3 Desktop Icons! The following shots of the Orion Guardian are the only ones you will see before the game is shipped. Then, you will only see it in the intro movie for MOO3. The icons are for Windows desktops (sorry Mac folks) and are in one 24k .zip file. If you enjoy these icons, we may decide to make more in the future. No guarantees though, as these were made on a lark and free time is few and far between.


*To use the icons, unzip them into a folder. Choose a folder on your desktop whose icon you wish to change. Right-click on the folder and choose "properties." In this window, ensure that the "shortcut" tab is selected. Then press the "change icon" folder. Browse for the directory where you saved the icons. Choose an icon and press "open." Hit "ok" then confirm your choice by pressing "ok" or "apply."

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