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Master of Orion III: The Novel Approach

At long last...we now present you with the winners of the Master of Orion III Novel Writing Contest!

The following top three writers will receive one Infogrames game of their choice, a rockin' MOO3 team T-shirt and a signed limited-edition MOO3 poster. In addition, each will be offered a special role (see below) on the MOO3 development team and have their submissions included on the bonus materials on the Master of Orion III CD. Katie will be contacting the winners in the next couple of days to go over exactly what this will entail.

The top three winners for the MOO3 Novel Contest are:

  • First Place: Hans Grohmann, with his exciting sci-fi composition which we at QSI refer to as "Excavation at Deneve." Hans' piece so captivated the five judges at QSI that it brought production to a stand-still!   Congratulations, Hans!

    The winning entry is now on-line. Read it!
  • Second Place: Bryan Ericson, who wrote a riveting espionage narrative entitled: "Heavy Weighs History's Burden."   Congratulations, Bryan!

    Read Bryan's entry.
  • Third Place: Richard Papp, and his captivating space combat submission called, "Darwin Denied."   Congratulations, Richard!

    Read Richard's entry.

Hans will be offered the opportunity to do something unique for MOO3, the details for which will be made public after E3. Bryan and Richard will be offered the opportunity to work on content for the game.

There are six finalists in the contest who will receive a signed limited edition MOO3 poster. Their entries will be also be posted on the MOO3 web site shortly and will be included as part of the bonus materials on the Master of Orion III CD.

The six finalists for the contest are: (Click on a finalist to read their story submission)

There were also some very talented writers who deserve recognition and congratulations for their submissions. Those who made it into the semi-finalist round will receive an Honorable Mention certificate from QSI and Infogrames. For those who acheived the "Bronze" status of being in the third round, we at Quicksilver and Infogrames would like to give you our deepest thanks for your hard work and great writing. You're also mentioned below!

Semi-Finalists for the contests are:

  • Andrej Sean O'Murchu
  • Duncan Jones
  • Gregory Hess
  • Richard Pulis
  • Ryan McDuffee
  • Shane Cowin

The Bronze finalists for the contest are:

  • Nathan Beittenmiller
  • Leo Bores
  • Knut Egil Brenne
  • Eric Candelaria
  • Tim Condon
  • Kevin Foye
  • Colin Fraser
  • Alexander Freed
  • Kyle F. Hewitt
  • Co Kane
  • Richard Pulis
  • Martin S. Stoller

Congratulations to everyone who submitted their fiction! You all did a great job.


You are now free to post your stories anywhere, whether on the web, discussion board or via any other medium. However, if you publish for profit, you may not use any references to the Master of Orion characters/races/universe names or depictions. Master of Orion is a registered trademark of Infogrames Entertainment S.A.   If in doubt, please contact Quicksilver Software Inc. or Infogrames Entertainment.

We would also like to announce that due to factors beyond our control, we are unfortunately unable to publish a printed novel for MOO3. However, as stated above, the winners will be working with the QSI development team on content for MOO3.

For those of you who missed it or would still like to read it, QSI 3D artist Scott Godfrey's entry remains up on the web site as a good lesson: even if you write a great piece of fiction, submitting it late will get you no cool MOO3 swag!

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