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FINALIST — Submission by By M. Baker

First Fear [ Part 4 of 4 ]

Wei Orbit.  Present day.

"Of course. What better way to show the public what we have achieved than a demonstration." Xi-Liion said clasping his massive alien hands together. Lll-Vfah still wasn't convinced though. He paced the room of the communications suit, fully aware that behind him, surrounding a large glass jar was the machinery to make him a god.

"You don't think they'll just believe our word."

"They might, but the government will say it doesn't work. With a demonstration then they will not be able to hide the truth." Xi-Liion pulled a tight smile, just small enough for it to go unnoticed. This was too easy, perhaps it was the excitement of being so close to being a god, or perhaps it was Lll-Vfah's exhaustion but everything Xi-Liion said his superior seamed to agree with eventually, or perhaps he was just lucky. Neither of them knew-it of course but both planned to betray each other. However while Lll-Vfah was a genius in the eccentric sense of the word Xi-Liion had a knack for thinking ahead in the long term. He'd been planning for years while the idea of betrayal had only just occurred to Lll-Vfah. There was a small electronic beep from a wall mounted screen and the face of Cai-Njux there communications officer appeared, "We are ready sir. Transmission will begin whenever you want."

"OK." Xi-Liion said before Lll-Vfah had a chance to say anything. "Give us a few minutes of privacy."

"OK sir." Cai-Njux's image vanished from the screen.

"Just what do you think your doing?" Lll-Vfah protested. "I give the orders around here." Xi-Liion just laughed, and took several steps away from his advancing superior. "Haven't you guessed it yet?" he asked though he was quite sure Lll-Vfah knew fully what was going on. He just hadn't realised it yet. Suddenly the others face fell as Xi-Liion pulled a small weapon from behind him.

"You aren't serious, - you can't." Lll-Vfah said, backing off rapidly now looking desperately for a weapon or a alarm system. None were to be found.

"Oh, I think I can and I think I will." A smile, evil incarnated spread across the younger scientist face. "And there is nothing that can stop me."

"Someone will. I have friends in very high places." Lll-Vfah, fear beginning to work it's spell on his body suddenly found himself pressed up against the glass of the Transcendence machine.

"Yes, well the thing about them is that I'll simply tell them that you have moved onto a higher plane of existence. Well, in a sense you will have. Except without the god part we've been striving for all these years. Now, into the container if you will."


"Either get inside there and have people believe that you turned into a god, or have your remains left outside and I'll just tell them you turned mad and tried to destroy the device. At which I had to of course kill you." Numbly, Lll-Vfah opened the large glass container and stepped inside. Only a small part of his frozen mind realising that Xi-Liion could still say whatever he wanted to, remains of him or no. The locks automatically closed trapping Lll'Vfah inside. He was dead, or as close to it as made no difference. He didn't mind or fear dyeing, at that moment Lll-Vfah only wanted to take Xi-Liion down with him. As the younger Antarans raised the laser-pistol, one of the few weapons that could shoot through the glass without leaving a trace he realised that even that small wish would be denied to him. Lll-Vfah closed his eyes and bunched his hands into fist, as if physical preparation alone could stop the laser bolt. There was a sound of a gun firing, but much more defuse than one from a laser. As Lll-Vfah opened his eyes Xi-Liions screaming began, he watched in horror as his erstwhile executioner literally dissolved in front of his eyes. Spinning around his glass prison Lll-Vfah was horrified to discover a lumbering figure walking slowly towards him, the figure of a creature who supposedly was dead.

"You." He hissed at the Klackon. "You can't be alive. I sent Richardson to kill you. He brought back your-"

"Genetically cloned head." Richardson himself interrupted him as he entered behind the Klackon. "Ingenious wasn't it." Richardson gave a manic laugh as he walked passed the Klackon still holding the Pellet gun, which Lll-Vfah guessed contained some sort of poison tipped darts.

"You've got to let me go." He said, desperately trying to think of something he could bargain with. Otherwise I'll summon the guards, and you and your planet below will be dead within the hour." Richardson stopped, laughed aloud again and walked quickly to the glass wall of the container. "Now why didn't you summon them when Xi-Liion or whoever he was , was about to kill you eh, oh wait a minute." He said, putting as much sarcasm into it as possible. "You can't." He said slowly, then laughed again. "Besides even if you got free, this station is now under my command." Lll-Vfah watched as Richardson walked to the main command console in the room and pressed several buttons. Suddenly the room was filled with a peaceful and utterly alien music.

"Lurzec's Seventh Tablash." Richardson identified the Trilarian composer. "Why you keep this stuff on file, I'll never know. Perhaps you believe it contains some clues about something. Or perhaps you actually like it. You believe that?" Richardson called over to the Klackon who suddenly looked up. "An Antaran Liking something." He tapped the glass with a single finger. "Is that true. Do you like this." Impotent anger welled up inside Lll-Vfah, first Xi-Liions betrayal and now this. "How?" He hissed.

"How did I take control of this station. Easy." Richardson gave out a little chuckle and moved away from the container, he lazily danced his figures across the consoles command interface. "That Klackon head I gave you. Was laced with a Nano-Bot Virus. All the little robots have been so kind giving me command of this station I honestly wish I could thank them." At that moment Lll-Vfah wanted simply to break out of the prison he'd put himself in and kill every human in the galaxy, starting with Richardson who was now gloating over his prize. He let his fear and rage take him and punched the glass with all his strength. Even though he knew it wouldn't do any good. Amazingly the glass did crack, but of course auto-repair nano-bots quickly came a sealed up the breakage's.

"Damm you." Lll-Vfah screamed as he hammered his hands of the glass.

"Well that's gratitude for you." Richardson feigned injury. "I just saved your life, and am about to give you exactly what you want."

"Your going to realise me." Lll-Vfah said, not believing a word for a minute.

"From your physical body, yes, I'm going to turn you into a god." Richardson walked up the machines controls, "As long as I press the right button of course."

"Why?" Richardson gave the Antaran a quizzical look, as if it was obvious to everyone else and his brother what the answer was.

"I don't care what you do as long as you stop messing with us. And as a god, what would you want with Wei anyway."

"I don't understand." Lll-Vfah admitted, only now his anger was cooling, whatever this human was, he was clearly deranged and Lll-Vfah didn't want to risk changing his whimsical mind.

"I'm mean your going to achieve god-hood and of course leave us alone. Or the data the nano-virus could have planted could be wrong and you will die."

"You mean the data was false."

"Give the man a medal." Richardson began a mock applause. "Of course it was. You don't think I'd actually do anything to help you." Suddenly Richardson's face went deadly serious. "Although, I do feel a little bit sorry for you. You never know, Lurrel might have seen something that helped Rai come up with the calculations and Androids don't lie much so, it may even work. Of course I don't know."

"Lurrel. Let me guess, the Elerian girl I sent you to kill three days ago." Richardson just laughed again and stepped back from the machines control.

"No, the Laurel who I rescued three years ago, for precisely this purpose. She's very good at seeing what you've been up to hear." A Sudan realisation flashed through Lll-Vfahs mind. "How long!" He demanded.

"Five years." Richardson proudly said turning towards the rooms only window. "You once said I'd get tired looking at this view. Even now, I still haven't." He said gazing at the planet below. "When the sun rises tomorrow, Wei will wake up as the first truly free world in centuries. My resistance groups are already showing the Galaxy what you can now achieve, a god like status, and you Antarans are all the same. You are all power-hungry fools who will all die believing that you are about to become gods. The government will try to stop it of course. But by then my resistance cells will have already spread the ideas to far, with you and Xi-Liion being the first into a new existence many will follow, and eventually your empire will collapse because of your lust for power." Richardson smiled. "Xiclithal." He called to the Klackon. "Go and start the machine running. Then send the message to everyone else ordering them to begin. It's time the Antarans left the Orion Sector." He turned to face the Antaran. "It's time for a new start."


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