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If you'd like to use some of the material from this Official MOO3 web site on your own web site, please observe Quicksilver's policy outlined below on copying elements from the official MOO3.COM Web site.

In general, we encourage fans to post or link to copies of the sample artwork and other assets provided on our site. We are very pleased with the high level of interest in the game and look forward to continuing our communication with our you as we bring this game to life. We have just a few simple rules for those who would like to use our assets on their sites:

  1. Include the following text at the bottom of the main MOO3 page in small but legible type:
    Concept art, screen shots, game graphics and other assets are provided courtesy of Quicksilver Software, Inc. and are used by permission. Copyright (c) 2001 Quicksilver Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Master of Orion is a registered trademark of Infogrames Entertainment S.A. Neither Quicksilver nor Infogrames Entertainment S.A. have reviewed or recommended any other content on this site.

    Permission is also granted to use the Quicksilver swirl logo next to the above text, if desired.
  2. Include a link to the Official MOO3 web site:
  3. Send us a note and let us know your URL (via the form on the "About & Contact" page).
  4. Provide all assets as-is: don't retouch or modify images, or make changes to text which is quoted directly from our site.
  5. Quicksilver reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse or revoke permissions granted under this policy at any time.
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  6. Please keep in mind that most content on our site is concept art or early design material and is subject to change. We are trying to make this the best game possible; expect to make many changes and improvements as development proceeds.

    Thanks for your interest. We look forward to seeing your site.

    Quicksilver Software

    Quicksilver is a registered trademark of Quicksilver Software Inc.   All rights reserved.

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