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Designer's DiaryJuly 2000

Tuesday, 11 July 2000: While my life has been very busy personally moving my family into a new home here in Irvine, progress with MOO3 continues unabated. One interesting twist is the incorporation of skilled "fans" into the MOO3 team. We've added Harel Eilam (from Israel) to the team and he's been developing Surface Combat for the project. Now we have our sights on another fan of the project who has the skills to put the Ground Combat Simulator up on the web site (once the code is completely finished). By including talented individuals like these on the MOO3 team, we hope to add an extra measure of quality to the game. It's some extra effort for us to coordinate these out-of-house experts, but we feel their inclusion on the project is well worth it.

Image: Roger Keating Also, we received a visit from Roger Keating (Reach for the Stars, Carriers at War, Warlords) from SSG at the office today. He was flying in from Australia to attend the Origins game convention in Ohio this coming weekend. Roger and I have been friends for a long time, so it was good to have lunch and catch up on things. I suggested that he could tell me all about how Reach for the Stars 2 will be better than MOO3, but he said that's for the players on the Internet Discussion groups to decide, and not us. After all, what do we know? (I couldn't argue with that.)

Image: Cory and ConstantineFriday, 28 July 2000: Ah, another visit from Hasbro, another new Hasbro Producer to meet. Constantine Hantzopoulos has joined the team this past week, as did his Quicksilver Producer counterpart, Cory Nelson. Ironically, Cory was the QA lead who saved my butt many times when I was a Producer at Interplay Productions and trying to ship product on time, so we're already good teammates. Speaking as "labor," sometimes more "management" can be a good thing. This is one of those times.

Since my last update, I've played RFTS2 for a while (not too shabby, as my father would say about something he enjoyed). It really reminded me of the old days in a fond, nostalgic way. A ton of design work has been getting done (thank goodness). Joining the MOO3 on the "outer circle" is David "Stormhound" Craft, a "crafty" writer if there ever was one. He and another cast memeber that has joined the team from the ranks of the fans, Harel Eilam, have both been non-disclosed, received the voluminous Design Doc, and are hard at work as volunteers making this game better for everyone. Harel is winding up Surface Combat and now he and David are starting to work on some of the speech writing for diplomacy, etc. as well as writing lists of names for Leaders, Ships, etc. It's "grunt work," and we're very grateful to have such talented fans helping us.

Recently, I've designed the Leader Naming convention, the Diplomatic Text Output structure, helped Floyd Grubb with his design work on how the Cool Radio Show will be scripted, and have been working on those Galactic, System, and Planetary "Specials" (that you fans helped me out with a long list of about a month ago). I hope to get that list shipshape soon and post it as a Data Dump. You guys are going to love what we did together! (I can't wait until we all get to write the new Events for MOO3).

Now, I'll be out of town for a week recharging my batteries at a big board game convention in Baltimore. Joining me will be our Hasbro Executive Producer, Bill Levay. It's a blast to get out there, see old friends, and roll some dice. If you stop by, I'll be the one playing Totaler Krieg!

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