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Game OverviewThe History of the Galaxy in Master of Orion III

The Antaran Hegemony is Forged

For those Antarans not imprisoned on their home world, the beginning of the Long Night marked a continuous cycle of repeated conquests to reclaim fragments of their great empire and "Purification" of those bordering worlds that had grown too alien while left unattended. Through this intense conditioning, re-conquered worlds, now purified, were reunited within the "Antaran Hegemony." Once reunited after long centuries, these Antarans pooled their resources together to find a way to free their entrapped home world.

Around the middle of the Long Night (circa 10000 GC), the pocket dimension created by the Orions began to weaken due to the extreme intensity of the irregular distortions in hyperspace (which it had, presumably, caused). When this occurred, a breach was created that allowed the Antarans on their home world to escape the dimension of their imprisonment. But rather than destroying this prison altogether (as a gesture of freedom from captivity), the Antaran minds (always thinking ahead to the next war) applied this barrier of other dimensionality as a sort of ëfortified wallí (with ëgatesí in the guise of Trans-dimensional Portals) around their key administrative worlds.

The resourceful Antarans took full advantage of this gateway between dimensions to wreak vengeance upon the unsuspecting races of the old Orion League, raiding their worlds mercilessly (where they still existed) while stealing essential supplies. They also raided the worlds along the perimeter of the Orion Sector, leaving them in ruins, so that no information could be gathered about their existence.

After pillaging, these isolated Antarans would return to the safety of their home world (still locked in the pocket dimension). Their countless trips back and forth between dimensions were marked by periods of increased as well as decreased fluctuations, but little notice was taken as to the cause of these shifts because both the Orions and other Elder Civilizations were too consumed by their own problems.

Eventually a more permanent portal was formed from the original breach and both factions of Antarans were reunited for the first time since the Orion Solution. Using their now combined knowledge and experience, they were able to reverse the Orionsí imprisonment of their sacred home world. More importantly, they managed to keep that reversal secret. When Antares was returned to normal space and (a particularly long and brutal) Purification had been completed, the Hegemony leaders re-established themselves on the ancient throne from which they relentlessly plotted their future conquests.

The Ancient Orion Mystery

The Orions worked feverishly to fix the rift in hyperspace created by the Pocket Dimension for they held themselves responsible for this tragedy and all the devastation that followed because of it. They used all their resources and their newly achieved experience in dimensional physics to reverse the process, but no matter what they tried nothing seemed to work. There were times when the disruptions would calm for long periods and the Orions would become hopeful that they had finally brought the fluctuations under control. But just as suddenly they would start up again, sometimes worse than before. The Orions became increasingly distraught for they could not comprehend what was happening. Their scientific consensus was that, for all the steps they took to correct the problem, it should have resulted in success.

The once confident Orions began to lose all faith in themselves and their belief systems as years of disappointment mounted up. Their glorious triumph in the first Orion-Antaran War provided very little consolation, for they felt too much guilt over the Long Night brought on by their solution.

The Orion civilizationís inability to resolve a disaster that they created led them down the path to their own demise for their intellect would not allow them to accept failure. All those who recorded their accounts of these events asserted that apathy devoured the very souls of the once proud Orion civilization for they could not forgive themselves for the Long Night that had settled ominously over the galaxy.

The Ancient Orion civilization was only a fading memory when the new Orion Sector Civilizations rose up to claim their legacy.

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