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Game OverviewThe History of the Galaxy in Master of Orion III

The Post-War Era

The Humans concentrated their efforts on preventing local civil wars within their easily reachable boundaries, which they considered their most pressing priority. They neglected the vital interstellar relationships that are essential for maintaining the long-term goodwill of the civilizations within the Sector they governed.

Unfortunately, the Humans' cavalier attitude was based upon a false assumption — that the once mighty Antarans were completely destroyed. Since no Antaran was taken alive, the Orions mistakenly assumed there was nothing more to the Antaran Hegemony than a single great world (i.e., Conjenn). When the Antarans ceased to harass the Orion Sector after the Great Victory, the Orions, thinking themselves invincible, blithely celebrated their victory ad naseum for cycles.

About the only positive legacy that came from this period of Human rule was a massive long-range exploration program to map neighboring Sectors, the Galactic core, and the galaxies beyond.

Historical Note: The fate of these probes is unknown, but given what we know of the Antaran Hegemony, the galactic core probes were almost certainly destroyed long before reaching their destinations. The probes sent to other galaxies might still be operating, but there seems to be very little interest these days in re-establishing contact with them.

The Return of the Antarans

Following their defeat at the hands of the Orion barbarians and the glazing of Conjenn, the Antarans gambled on a long shot that the barbarians might believe they had destroyed the only Antaran world.

Even though the Antaran politicians fumed about revenging Conjenn, cooler military heads prevailed and a policy of ignoring the Orions, for now, was adopted. No raids, messages, or contact of any kind were permitted to go to the Orion Sector. Although it was against their nature, the Antarans "played dead" and allowed the Orions to form their own misconceptions. Thus ended the second of the Antarans' "Three Wars at Dawn."

The Antarans could now focus all of their energy (and what was left of both their fleets) on bringing the war on their last active frontier to a victorious finish. Although the borders of the Antaran Hegemony now extended well beyond their capacity to develop it for centuries to come, one more conquest remained to be won. The Antarans were able to channel all their efforts to the last remaining great matter on their docket — revenge.



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