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Game OverviewThe History of the Galaxy in Master of Orion III

The Hegemony's Last Gasp

With their Trans-Dimensional Portals rapidly falling into disrepair, the entire communications system that once connected the vast Antaran Hegemony quickly broke down. When communications finally disintegrated, the Hegemony itself fragmented into independent sectors, a fate very similar to that of the original civilizations of the Orion Sector.

However, there was one place in the galaxy where a cabal representing the Old Antaran Order remained - on the home world of Antares itself. Despite the devastating setback of their recent population implosion, they vowed to reassemble the fragments of their galactic empire and return it to its rightful place of power over the Orion Sector. All the unrelenting Antarans needed was to secure a base of operations from which they could execute their plan.

The strategy was simple and practical. The tenacious Antarans would begin their conquests with the weakest links and add to this chain until they could eventually reunite the Old Antaran Hegemony. Once the Old Antaran Hegemony could be built back up to a reasonable strength, they could focus on what had become the crown jewel of the former Hegemony, the Orion Sector with its vast genetic riches.

Who Threatens the Antarans?

The Antarans recognized that the other Elder Civilizations could pose a threat to their continued rule, but they felt it was one they could handle. There was only one real menace that concerned the Antarans, and they were the New Orions who had openly defied them! These treacherous New Orions knew the secrets of the great Antaran ascendancy and this knowledge, along with their proven disloyalty, made them especially dangerous.

Since the Antarans lacked sufficient manpower to engage in any kind of ground combat, they tapped into their treasured archives for a solution that would bring them victory. [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] The Antaran [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] concentrated their energies on [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] they could not afford to make any mistakes this time. [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ]

Enter the Harvesters

[ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] While the New Orions were busy establishing their own order in the Orion Sector, these Antaran [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] desperately sought to [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] destroy the New Orions.

[ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] These creatures [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] devoid of any emotions and were driven only by their need. [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] The [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] Harvesters grew increasingly stronger as they set about [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] the Orion Sector. The paranoid Antarans soon realized that they might have been a bit too hasty when they [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] the Orion Sector. They would need a way to [ITEM CENSORED BY RANTZ] or risk their own extinction... ironically, at the tentacles of a species of their own devising.



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