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Game OverviewThe History of the Galaxy in Master of Orion III

The Game Begins

With the waxing ancient races of Orion in front of them and the waning Antaran Hegemony behind them, the New Orions are playing a dangerous game in the middle. Although the New Orions' influence remains strong, and their will often sets policy throughout the sector, the natives are getting restless. How they deal with the future is part of the story we're trying to tell in Master of Orion III: The Fifth 'X'.

Many legacies of great discovery and enlightenment are also being whispered among the native Orion races as the ancients among recount a time before the Dark Age. The younger generations are invigorated as each new chapter of their glorious past is revealed, for until now all was kept secret because of the fear of repercussions from the New Orions. The first dim glow of a new period of enlightenment is visible once again in the Orion Sector. Rumors of the existence of a legitimate heir to the Orion throne have begun to circulate and ancient claims to stars and planets arise.

There is much to discover at the dawning of this age. So many questions still left unanswered. What really did happen to the mysterious Antarans? How were they able to rule this Sector for so long? What hidden secrets of their civilization remain scattered among the stars, or locked deep inside the ghostly Guardian of Orion? What mysteries wait to be uncovered about the Ancient Orion Empire (Master of Orion II), and who was here even before the Ancient Orions (Master of Orion)?

    Galactic History Primer,
    Cambridge Press, Sol, Terra 19112

The year is 19112 and Master of Orion III is about to begin. Your destiny awaits.

We now have a contest search for a fan to "novelize" our backstory. Check out the Master of Orion III Novel Writing Contest!


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