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Game OverviewMaster of Orion III – Exerpts from the Race Bible

Saurian [SAR ee an] Species

"Since the ruling faction didn't believe in capital punishment, the New Frontier leadership and its numerous unrepentant followers were exiled. The worst place that the monarch could imagine was a destination that served as 'Hell' in Ichthytosian mythology: that is, the planet's land surface. The Ichthys' manufactured mobile high-pressure chambers of the latest design (they were discovered about midway through the conflict) en masse and sent the vanquished to the surface in them to live out the rest of their days in the ignominy of exile."


Saurian Backstory

Thus began the history of the Saurian species. Cast out from their watery home, the species that would become the Saurians chafed at the injustice. After all, they should be the rules of the undersea realms, not these myopic fools who simply wanted the Ichthys to be a peaceful species of researchers and scientists. The writing was on the wall, and the order of the day was survival. Survival of the strongest. Survival by any means necessary. Their hatred towards their fellow Ichthys festered and burned in their hearts.

One day, everything changed. The council of leaders assessed that, as long as they were confined by the restrains of their habitability chambers, they were in a prison. And no species when forcibly confined, excels, grows or flourishes. The recommendation was simple in precept, but complex and arduous in its undertaking. The outcasts must biologically and genetically alter themselves so that they could walk, function and thrive above water, thus circumventing millions of years of natural evolution. The research and experiments took the better part of a galactic century, but eventually the outcast scientists found success. The first subjects were flawed at best, with genetic defects, short-life spans and madness popping up too frequently. Over time, the scientists refined the process, and in the Year of the Transmutation, the first generation of the Saurian species walked the surface of the Home World, unaided.

The genetic alteration left the Saurians as quadrupeds with the ability to stand on their rear legs to manipulate tools and devices. Their body temperature had been raised as a by-product of the process of transforming the Saurians from water-dwelling creatures to air breathing ones. In the transmutation process their vision had been enhanced, their reflexes sped up, their skin was sensitive to pressure changes allowing them to detect movement nearby and their aggressive tendencies heightened. In short, they had been made into more efficient killing machines.

The combination of the genetic manipulation and the lingering sting of being exiled to the surface has left the Saurians with an incredible chip on their collective shoulders. They are aggressive warlike, and unmatched for their focus of all matters relating to conquest. This single-minded approach leaves them very vulnerable in other areas, however. And the Saurian species tends to see the glory of battle and military superiority over all else, financially, they do poorly, and the social aspects of their culture are frequently ignored. Still, unlike their ancestral line, this is a culture on the rise, if they can only achieve the balance necessary.


Saurian Religious Tendencies

The Saurian Species tends towards polytheism with each god being an incarnation of an ability or force, such as War, Love, Death, etc. These gods decorate many of their weapons, buildings and vehicles and ships (similar to the Egyptian approach).


Saurian Political and Social Structures

The Saurians are a tribal species, ruled in default by either a monarch or a tribal council of elders. A quick to anger species, they are warlike, but incredibly loyal to each other. They have assumed a 'us against the galaxy' approach because of the experience in their history, and while partnerships and treaties may be established with other species, it is incredibly difficult to turn a Saurian against another of their species. With their naturally aggressive tendencies, the Saurians will push for a more extreme option. This does not mean that all situations end in conflict, it is simply that the Saurians are not a species of 'settlers'. They feel they have been kept down long enough and that the time is now for them to reach their place and destiny in the galaxy. They approach this with a single-minded obsession and political situations are best approached with a 'pick your battles' stance.


Saurian Families and Reproduction

Saurian culture is strongly family oriented, with extended generation living on large compounds and family estates. Showing their biological roots, the Saurians are an egg-laying species but unlike the Ichthytosians, the Saurians only lay one or two eggs at a times which are guarded by the father in a ritualize 'standing of the guard' for three galactic months. After hatching, the Saurian hatchling joins the family where it grows rapidly, reaching full maturity within a half a galactic year cycle.

From there the Saurian enters the Yearling phase in which they are apprenticed into a role for a five galactic year cycle. Upon completion of their apprenticeship, they move into becoming a full-fledged member of that guild (whether it be military, plumbing, you name it) and assume their starting role in saurian society. They will be expected to succeed and excel, but to do so with honor. A Saurian is expected to grow, develop and become more skilled, more powerful, and more proficient, but never at the cost of another Saurian. Backstabbing in Saurian culture is treated with great contempt and a Saurian who practices such behavior will find themselves shunned and rejected very quickly.


Saurian Technical Approaches and Engineering

Saurian engineering and architecture is rugged, armored, heavy and built to last. The plus side of this is that Saurian engineering is durable, can withstand external forces (such as bombardment, etc) and less prone to failure or breakdowns. The down side to this is that their tools, ships, vehicles, etc are often bulky and expensive to manufacture, since refinement and miniaturization are not aspects that come easily to the Saurian culture.


Saurian Key Phrases

Herpatra The Saurian Code of honor. Used in a conversation to express the seriousness of a situation or the imparting that such an accusation is either not in their make up, or of course they did it, because it is the code that they live by. Example: "Yes, we blasted your forces in our system, for they acted without Herpatra in coming into the system."

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