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Official CommentsQSI Posts on the Discussion Boards — Part Two

Updated March 28, 2001:

Rantz Hoseley, Art Director

The MOO franchise: Mind you, this is *way* back in the beginning of the project, but back when we first started with Hasbro on this about a year and a few months ago, one of the reasons we delved into such masochistic detail on the race/species bible (including races you will never see or hear of in MOO3) is that Hasbro saw MOO as a franchise property that could *potentially* be used in other genres of games. Say a MOO RTS, or a MOO armored squad game, or a MOO RPG...

Now with Infogrames being in charge, I have no idea what their thoughts are on such things, but that was the original thought many moons ago with Hasbro.

Personally, I wouldn't mind doing a MOO RPG...

(after about a year off from working on MOO, that is ;) )

Is there a common tongue? Actually all species/races speak in their own language and use the 'Universal Translator' in order to communicate with other species.

(currently going through the political depictions...)

Will each species have a unique user interface? Nope, sorry.

For the simple reason that there are around 100 UI screens. x 8? Ummm, no not gonna happen.

Ships: >>Will non-Geodic civilization be able to build crystalline ships?

Possibly, but they are going to find it difficult to make use of the Geodic way of doing things.

>>Will non-Etherean civilization be able to build organic ships?

Same answer as the geodic, possibly, but they are going to find it difficult to make use of the Etherean way of doing things.

>>And what about largest ship shape? Is it decided?

Yes and the models are built.

When will the largest ships' models be released? Not until after E3 (May 17th) Ships, screens, political depictions, everything is going towards the show right now. After that, there will be lots of web exclusives running around and a few magazine articles.

Which ship belongs to which species above the tabs on the main page? [Edited to order of tabs]

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Ichthytosian ship color: >>Is there any particular reason that the Ichthytosian ships are colored orange and not blue (which would seem to me the "intuitive" color for an aquatic species)? I'm not complaining, but just curious.

It's not so much orange as it is bronze/copper/gold. Basically I wanted them to look like a cross between H.G. Wellsian Industrial-age sci-tek, and pressurized copper beer brewing vats.


Contrast for clarity's sake.

MOO3's GNN equivalent: The MOO3 version of the GNN is the Situation Report, that you get at the beginning of every turn.

No cheesy robot news anchor will be present.

More on the Sit. Rep.: The Sit Rep is pretty critical in terms of gameplay. It pertains to everything going on in the MOO3 world during the past turn, not just 'you have built...'

That said, you can filter out types on information and events to suit your personal preference of how much information you want to get, and you can even flag events to keep an eye on them as they develop.

Should be helpful without being annoying.

More: >>What type of information will it present?

All kinds of stuff. Political unrest, victories, Space monster attacks, strange invaders, technology breakthroughs, if there is information that you'd want to know, it will be summarized there. Think of it as your councillors giving you an update. there will be domestic info, galaxy-wide info, military, technology and so on...

>>I'd like information that would give life to the galaxy

That's what we're shooting for, and why I used it to explain why there wasn't a GNN in MOO3.

More: >>Well, I have one question about the Sit Rep - Will there be pictures?

One answer. Yes. <G>

Will the Elerians make an appearance in MOO3? Prolly not. The mrrshans will make a cameo, but that's the only one I'm promising.

E3: We're comparing E3 to the Dam breaking... get ready with your boats, cos there's gonna be a flood...


Constantine Hantzopoulos, Senior Producer

MOO1 and 2 source code: The official word on MOO I/II source is we will not be releasing it any time soon. That doesn't preclude us from releasing it at a later date, and indeed we have secret plans for such things. How secret? REAL secret :)

Seriously tho, Alan, Bill, Cory and I have had numerous discussions about said subject, so let's just say that as we get closer to ship, we'll be announcing some really cool things...



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