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Official CommentsQSI Posts on the Discussion Boards — Part Two

Updated April 27, 2001:

Rantz Hoseley, Art Director

Representing ship size: There are *way* more than three ship graphics. Each Species has it's own library of ships, which are broken in a physical representation into 3 sizes; lite, medium and heavy. within those sizes there are many ships and classes, etc.

We originally tried each ship having a unique size, but once the ships were in the engine, we found it impossible to recognize the relative difference in size, and hence it was impossible to derive the information you needed about an opposing fleetů

More on the same: ok, let's use the star wars analogy to try and explain this...

in SW there are Tie Bombers, Tie Fighters, Tie Interceptors, etc. Those are all roughly the same size but they are different classes of ships with different roles.

At the Destroyer Level you have Star Destroyers, Super Star Destroyers, etc that are in the same size range but are unique ship types, with unique roles.

So think of it this way...

All ship models break into one of three sizes. Lite, Medium or Heavy

A ship model has that size association wired into it. In other words ship model A cannot be lite medium and heavy. It has to be one and only one of those three.

Outside of those three sizes we have 'flotsam' (Missiles and fighters) size, Orbital Size (Stations and such) and Transport size.

Will all ships of a particular size class have the same storage capacity? No, the physical representation is roughly the same, but within each size class, each ship has a different capacity. So (these aren't real numbers mind you, just ones used for example!) the medium ships might run from 500 - 1,500 in capacity.

Post-E3: Everything that is being shown at E3 will make it's way onto the web, whether at our site, or a gaming news site.

As far as desktop themes and stuff goes, it'd be nice but the project comes first obviously. Maybe some still frames from the opening Cinematic... hmmmm, anyways, we'll have to see.

Will portraits be animated ala Starcraft? There will be animation, but it won't be done in the fashion Starcraft did it. More than that, you'll have to wait until after E3.

Development progress: There's been a big old freighter-load of art done by this point. 3D Models, animation, UI creation, the whole big ball of galactic wax.

But, as anyone on the team will attest, I fight against showing stuff before release period. E3 forces us to show some stuff, but we want this game to have the largest impact possible when we release it...


Bill Fisher, Executive Producer

E3 preparations: You'll see a lot of goodies when E3 opens. We'll be putting graphics onto various sites and also giving them to select magazines. Rantz and the gang are extremely busy putting together screen shots, images of certain aliens, and the like. I've been doing strategy games for a long time, and I have never seen one that looks this good.

Greg has also been hard at work on the Galaxy view. That's another significant piece of eye candy for everyone. He just has a natural knack for making something beautiful as well as functional.



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