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Official CommentsQSI Posts on the Discussion Boards — Part Two

Updated July 3rd, 2001:

Rantz Hoseley, Art Director

Darlok ancestors: >> It has also been rumoured that the Darloks ancestors may appear in the game. <<

They are indeed.

Cynoid procreation: Or (as in the case of the Cynoid) need six 'parents' to reproduce…

Build queues: >> On the planet UI: wasn't there supposed to be multiple build queues? <<

There are, the expanded queue [seen in a picture in Dev Diary #9] is only one of the planet queues (specifically the security items queue) there's also the economic dev, and the education queues below it... then there are the system-wide build queues.

And if you think the planets look nice, you should see them rotating in space... it's pretty swell to see.

More on the same: >> Each of the security/economic/education bars has three icons. [What] do those mean? <<

Those three icons represent the 'next up' items for that given build queue. Not all, and certainly not capacity or state.

Planet graphics: The planets are rotating, with the atmospheres rotating at a slightly different rate. Terrain and atmosphere are combined on the fly to represent the current ecological state of a given planet/moon/etc. That's correct, folks, they are separate elements.

And, we have animated suns/stars too in the system view…

Planet graphics variety: Lots of terrain variety. Lots of atmospheric variety.

More on the same: Currently, there are 50 unique terrain maps, and 50 unique atmosphere. The combinations make that pretty interesting…

My personal goal is to keep doing terrain maps and atmosphere maps until we ship. What will the final number be? I couldn't say, but it'll be a significant number.

More: Say you have a maxxed galaxy of 250 stars x 8worlds x 5 moons. The library of terrain maps would be distributed across those worlds, relating to a specific world type. So, a terran-type planet would have a terran-type map, a Gas Giant would have a Gas Giant-type map and so on.

Planet graphics size: The largest you will ever see a given planet, whether in planet view, system view or combat view is about 1/8th of the screen.

Are planet graphics pre-rendered? They are not pre-rendered movie files, they rotate and all that on the fly.

Explaining the screenshots in Dev Diary #9: >> Can you tell us what the E3 button on the right side of the screen is? <<

The screen grabs are from the E3 build and the E3 button was the shortcut to the political movies and the ship combat sections.

>> I don't see a "Fire" button on that planetary leader picture. Is it possible to fire people directly? <<

Yes, but not through the planet UI. There will be a link to take you to the 'Halls of Power' wherein you can 'kill' off a given Leader.

Human society: >> In MOO3 I would expect to see a much darker Human society. <<

And you'd be right in that...

The screenshot from CGW August edition:  [view screenshot] >> Sweet Gogga mogga, Rantz! Is that picture (from the August edition of the Computer Gaming world), a real sample of the diplomacy screen with the Sakkra? <<

That is a still from the Sakkra Diplomacy screen, yes.

>>My god, it's dark, foreboding and COOL. EXCELLENT work. <<

Thanks, the folks here do good work, I'm pretty proud of what they are producing and the amount of grief and 'it's gotta be better' that they put up with from me.

This, folks is one of the major reason there are only 16 playable. This stuff takes time... remember these talk and move too...




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