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Official CommentsQSI Posts on the Discussion Boards — Part Three

Updated April 10, 2001:

Harel Eilam, Volunteer Developer

Will there be an option to turn off the Orion Senate? I am quite sure the answer is no, the Senate is not something you can switch on and off. Of course, the galaxy is mighty big, and no one said you have to be a member...

Government naming: Every government type has a different "empire name" for it.

Economic detail: You will see many things in the economical model: inflation, tax forms, budgeting, unemployment... planets will have several zones with different sources of occupation.

However, it won't go to simcity level where you manage every single factory alone, but it will have very powerful abstractions to manage just about every financial concept you can think of.

Social Castes: Here is another part of MOO3 paradigm to consider: there are several social layers/caste/status levels. Like the elite, intelligentsia, military, the poor, and so on. Every government will grant those parts of your society different attributes. One can say that this is a representation of political parties.


"Fyunchclick", Volunteer Developer

Leaders: Leaders have several characteristics. Dumb is one of them, for instance. They also have several ratings, of which ability is one.

Kamikaze tactics: No ramming. No kamikaze. Captains can scuttle their ship to prevent it falling into enemy hands but AFAIK that's as far as it goes.

Giving MOO3 religions real religion names: There will not a any real-life religions in MoO3. We want to keep religious controversy away from this game, and putting real religions in is certain to kick up at least some dust, as people could object to their religion being "belittled" in a game.



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