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Official CommentsQSI Posts on the Discussion Boards — Part Three

Updated April 27, 2001:

Jørre "Fyunchclick" Holland, Volunteer Developer

Star systems: First of all, the BOTF system is out, as each region on an individual planet or moon will have its own population rating.

Now, as to graphics, if it is half as good as I read it should be, you should prepare to be blown away.

IFPs: >> Especially that I get the feeling that once your empire has expanded past a point, it's gonna be really hard to get a few extra IFPs !!!

Exactly! That is the whole point. You are not every captain, admiral and factory manager in the entire empire. You are the emperor. You only have two (or six, or none at all, but at least a finite) number of hands; a limited amount of time and attention.

So, you have to choose where you put your attention. Do you fight that battle, or address the crisis caused by rioting at the homeplanet, or take upon yourself the design of your new battlecruisers?

When you got a small empire, things are small-scale and you can keep involved with most things. When you have a large empire, it is very hard keep tabs on everything. It's a realistic, and balancing, trade-off, since it prevents empires that pass a certain critical size in relation to other empires to be automatic winners.



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