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Official CommentsRantz's "Create Your Own Player Flags" Tutorial

Creating Master of Orion 3 Flag Art with Adobe Photoshop 7.0

This is being presented as an example of how we created player flags for MOO3. We are not going to answer questions on the tutorial. It is simply meant as an example to point players who want to make their own flags in the right direction. That said, have fun!


Step 1: Create a new file 32 pixels x 32 pixels, 72 dpi, RGB mode and make sure the background is set to transparent.

Flag Tutorial Image 1


Step 2: Create a new layer, fill with black.

Flag Tutorial Image 2

Flag Tutorial Image 3


Step 3: Create another layer. On this layer, using white or greys you can design your flag. Any areas that you do not draw/paint/fill will be transparent. Be iconic, fine detail will get lost REALLY quickly, and you will have the flag o' mud.

Flag Tutorial Image 4


Step 4: Create yet another layer and fill with a color. Change the layer's blending mode from "normal" to "darken." This is generally what the flag will look like in the game.

Flag Tutorial Image 5


Step 5: When you are finished, turn off visibilty on all layers except the 'white' one.

Flag Tutorial Image 6


Step 6: Under the "File" menu, choose "save as..."

Flag Tutorial Image 7


Step 7: Save file as .png with the correct naming convention and you have a game ready flag!

Flag Tutorial Image 8


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