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Official CommentsQSI Management or Infogrames Entertainment

May 24th, 2001:Clarification and explanation of Race and Species in Master of Orion III
May 21st, 2001:QSI Management and the MOO3 Development Team release an important annoucement about Official MOO3 promotional posters.
May 4th, 2001:QSI President Bill Fisher explains how MOO3 will be presented at the 2001 E3 Expo in Los Angeles.
March 20th, 2001:QSI's Katie Fisher gives GameSpy a behind the scenes look at the MOO3 Novel Writing Contest. — This link leads off-site.
March 1st, 2001:Infogrames Senior Producer Constantine Hantzopoulos talks to GameSpy about the ins and outs of Spying, Espionage and the shadowy "Game with a Game." — This link leads off-site.
February 1st, 2001:Producer Cory Nelson talks to GameSpy. — This link leads off-site.
November 1, 2000:Quicksilver founder Bill Fisher talks tech terms in MOO3 to Hasbro designer Jennifer McWilliams. (1.2 MB .mpg file)
October 12, 2000:Quicksilver's Developer's Diary is launched on GameSpy: Read the first installment. Includes newly released art! — This link leads off-site.
July 17, 2000:Hasbro Game Designer Jennifer McWilliams grants an interview to SidGames. — This link leads off-site.
June 16, 2000:Interview with the MOO3 Team on Sci-fi Gaming — This link leads off-site.
June 5, 2000:GamePen Preview. — This link leads off-site.
June 1, 2000:Gamespy Preview. — This link leads off-site.

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