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Official CommentsSeptember Update

September 19th, 2001

In the recent last few weeks we've received quite a few e-mail messages asking for the status of the project and when we'd make our next web site update. Well, as you can imagine things are a bit hectic but we're still actively working on MOO3 and have even added a few resources recently. As for the release date we're still aiming for 1st quarter of 2002 (which would put MOO3 on the shelves at the end of March). If that changes at all we'll try to let everyone know.

We also have a new update for everyone! We apologize for the lack of updates recently, but the same people that are updating the site are also busy trying to get the game ready for release. For this update we've included some new concept artwork as well as some aliens in their native environments. Three new discussion board compilations will follow shortly. Lastly, and as a special treat for those who have been patient with us, we've included an example of what the political animations will look like. The file is about one third of the length as it will be in the game due to download speeds but you'll get the idea.

Quicksilver Software would also like to extend its deepest sympathies to those affected by the New York and Washington tragedies of Tuesday, September 11th, 2001. Our company president, William Fisher, states: "We share the grief of America in these dark hours." In tribute to those involved here and around the world, Quicksilver artist Oscar Guzman offers a drawing he created on the evening of the tragedies. We have posted it on our QSI site in memoriam to share with all of you.


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