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Official Comments 

April 21st, 2003: New Data Patch Available

The Data Patch is a zip containing two replacement .mob files for the release version of Master Of Orion III.

The data patch rebalances parts of the game and fixes a few bugs:

  • Tech development slowed down
  • Strategic military AI improved slightly
  • Changes to race picks
  • Easier off-road travel

Full details are listed in the readme in the zip file.

Download and unzip the file (on either Mac or PC) by right-clicking on the link (Mac users hold the mouse button down) and selecting "save target as..." from the menu. Locate the MOO3 program directory and replace the corresponding .mob files under the GameDataSets directory as specified in the readme.txt file.

Should you have any technical problems regarding this utility, please contact Infogrames Technical Support.


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