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Official Comments 

July 18, 2003: The Official Quicksilver/Atari code release patch (v1.2.5) for Master of Orion 3.

This patch is compatible with the BETA patch (v1.2), but incompatible with the previous data patch (see the enclosed read me for full installation instructions). The installation validator has been updated to accomodate the patch.

Some items included in this patch:

  • New History screen
  • Rewritten/expanded help text
  • Improved alt-tab behavior
  • Improved enemy AI behavior
  • UI - improved navigation and increased economic information
  • Compressed transmission of save games in multi-player

For a full list of fixes/changes read the patch_readme.txt file in the download.

Saved games and mods from the original release will be 'broken' by this patch, and will not work. Saved games and mods from the beta (1.2) patch will work, but may not take full advantage of the new changes.

To install the patch: Download and unzip the file. Run the "Moo3 Patch_v125.exe" to install the patch.

For technical support regarding the Windows patch, please visit the Atari support page.

This patch is a free upgrade for purchasers of Master of Orion 3. Please feel free to redistribute this version to other owners of original copies. You are permitted to place unaltered copies of this patch on third-party Web sites ('mirrors') as long as such sites include this notice.

This installer will overwrite the executable and various data files, so users of third-party mods will want to back up their files before installing the patch. This version supersedes all previously released MOO3 patches, which are no longer available.

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