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This is also a fairly lengthy section, so we have divided it up into seven major parts:

  1. What is an "Ethos" in MOO3: World View
    1. Ideals: Parts 1 to 5
    2. Ideals: Parts 6 to 10
    3. Ideals: Parts 11 to 16
  2. What is an "Ethos" in MOO3: Tradition
  3. The Comparative Status of an Ethos
  4. Proselytizing
  5. Targeting the Population Segment to be Proselytized
  6. Conversion through Proselytization
  7. State Policy: A Reminder; Philosophy and Religion in the Cosmic Scheme of Things

What we're presenting here is a special "behind the screens" look into the design doc for MOO3. Here, we give you a fairly detailed look at how Philosophy and Religion will be modeled in the game. We're not revealing everything, but the core aspects are all here. While reading, you will notice many references to other areas of the design. Sorry we can't elaborate on all of those; this isn't the right forum for that. We're content to let your imaginations fill in any details you can infer from them for now.

Designer's Note: In the first Religion data dump, the term 'religion' was given a very specific, technical meaning in the context of MOO3. However, many people conflated what the word 'religion' means in ordinary English with 'religion' in the MOO3 sense. As a result, there was a great deal of confusion about what counted as a 'religion' as far as MOO3 is concerned. Most people wound up feeling good about the 'religion' model once they grasped how the term was being used in MOO3. However, understanding often came only after long discussions, discussions that had to be repeated each time someone new came across the 'religion' data dump. In hopes of clearing things up and forestalling further confusion, we've reformulated some key terms used in the original data dump to bring them closer to ordinary English usage. Each word is still used in a very specific way in the context of the game, but the new terminology should be less misleading now. The most important change is that what was formerly called a 'religion' will now be referred to as an 'ethos.'

Philosophy and Religion in Master of Orion III are generic in description but epic in its breadth and scope. Each region of a planet has its one dominant ethos and all the population points there are all considered of that ethos.

NEXT IN RELIGION: "What is an 'Ethos' in MOO3: World View"


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