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Official CommentsReligion — What is an "Ethos" in MOO3: World View


11a. Fruitful
[Mutually exclusive with Limited Growth]
Those who accept this ideal see each new life as inherently precious and full of potential. They encourage everyone to bless the world with as many offspring as possible.

11b. Limited Growth
[Mutually exclusive with Fruitful]
Those who accept this ideal advocate measures that restrain population growth. They might fear overpopulation and argue for the use of contraceptive technology, or they might view reproductive behavior as immoral and support chastity.

12a. Honor
[Mutually exclusive with Trickery]
The honorable place a high value on individual moral integrity, and admire those who always choose to do the right thing whether itís expedient or not. Those who take honor seriously have little patience for corrupt or ruthless officials who are willing to cut ethical corners in pursuit of their goals. Military personnel, who must trust one another with their lives, are fiercely loyal to honorable comrades-in-arms.

12b. Trickery
[Mutually exclusive with Honor]
This ideal celebrates those who have the cleverness and nerve to deceive and manipulate others successfully. Tricksters tend to form small, tightly knit bands; they are chary of revealing their secrets to the outsiders on whom they prey. Since tricksters live by their wits, their cons and scams depress productivity in the areas in which they operate. However, their skill at thinking on their feet and their silver tongues make them ideally suited to intelligence work. Even so, wise spymasters keep a close eye on such inveterate intriguers.

13a. Militarism
[Mutually exclusive with Pacifism]
Militarists believe that combat is the ultimate test of personal worth and virtue. Eager to prove themselves in battle, militarists are happiest when opportunities to do so abound. In peacetime, they worry about society becoming soft and decadent, and chafe at their inability to perform deeds of valor comparable to the legendary exploits of their illustrious forebears.

13b. Pacifism
[Mutually exclusive with Militarism]
Pacifists view the use of force as justified only as an absolute last resort. They vehemently oppose fighting in wars, or even having wars conducted in their name, except against an enemy who is clearly the aggressor. For obvious reasons, pacifists are not well suited to military service, but their strong preference for resolving disputes peacefully helps keep social tensions from escalating out of control, and thus makes for a calmer community.

13c. Revenge
[Mutually exclusive with Pacifism]
The vengeful believe that failure to reply in kind to a slight or injury is an intolerable sign of weakness. Unwilling to risk losing face, they never forgive or forget an insult--feuds often last for generations, until all parties involved have died or been killed. Long-standing grudges inhibit economic cooperation, but always provide a ready pretext to start or continue a war against old foes.

14. Order
Champions of the social order in their empire idealize its social arrangements, believing them to be supremely wise and just. They are quick to demand the resignation or removal of those in positions of power who undermine faith in social institutions by taking advantage of the rights and privileges afforded by their station in life while shirking its responsibilities. Confident that the system works, citizens who accept this ideal are sticklers for seeing that everyoneís rights are respected and that proper procedures are followed at all times. Since they are committed to maintaining the status quo, they generally give a great deal of deference to the government unless they become convinced that it has lost its legitimacy and poses a threat to the social order they revere.

15. Rural
Those who pursue this ideal long for the simple life, away from the crowds, complications, and distractions of the city.

16. Physical Perfection
Those who pursue this ideal strive to achieve maximal bodily health and beauty. Their physical fitness makes them better soldiers and helps them resist infections and other maladies. They strongly advocate the use of any new technologies that make it possible for them to develop their bodies even further.

Designer's Note: Yes, all of these have a "game effect." We're not ready to give out that level of detail yet.

Suffice it to say that, socially, population groups will tend to steer their civilization toward the principles of their ethos (as prescribed by its ideals). When the policies of a civilization fly in the face of its dominant ethos, there is a chance for unrest. When its policies conform to their beliefs, there is a greater chance for their contentment.

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