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Official CommentsReligion — What is an "Ethos" in MOO3: Tradition

A random Greek letter symbolizes the Tradition to which an ethos belongs. This Tradition represents the details of that ethos: its organization, customs, etc. The principal game use of Traditions is to distinguish an ethos from otherwise similar ones. Often, after a schism, the only difference between the old ethos and the new ('splinter') one will lie in their respective Traditions.

For example, perhaps any Λ ethos emphasizes inner belief over outer actions and allows all believers to have a voice in doctrinal debates, while a Ψ ethos will favor elaborate ceremonies or other outward displays of one's devotion to its ideal(s) and refer ideological disputes to an official council recognized as authoritative on such matters.

If you want to relate one of these generic science-fiction ideologies back an Earth equivalent, you might think of the dominant ethos of the Roman Empire as "Polytheistic Territorial Militarism."

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