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Official CommentsReligion — Targeting the Population Segment to be Proselytized

Conversion through Proselytization

After the proselytizing attack of a defending population segment is finished, its Conviction Strength was reduced (i.e., if it took any "hits"), a d6 is rolled to see if that population segment converts to the proselytizing ethos. If the d6 roll is less than or equal to the defending population segment's remaining Conviction Strength, there is no effect. If it is greater than the defending population segment's remaining Conviction Strength, the defending population segment then becomes a new member of the proselytizing ethos that just hit it and receives the Base Proselytize and Conviction Strength based on the "conquering" ethos' stature (counting its newly won converts). The proselytizing population segment is then rewarded for making a convert by rolling one separate d6 on each column on the table below. The results are cumulative.

Die Roll Proselytize Strength Conviction Strength
1 No Effect No Effect
2 No Effect +1
3 No Effect +1
4 +1 +2
5 +1 +2
6 +2 +3

Designer's Note: What happens with all this ideological "combat" is that losers tend to get beaten up and winners tend to get "on a roll" until they clash with other "winners." Where they collide, they'll tend to beat each other into sort of a status quo situation and things should degrade down to the ideological equivalent of "trench warfare."

When the ideological "front lines" thus settle, the injection of a new fringe group with its high "attack" and "defense" values might, although small to begin with, get "on a roll" and seriously challenge an "old established order." Eventually, that cult might even replace the "old order" in size and stature (until the next fringe group springs up, and so on).

At least, that's the theory. If anyone is interested in helping me by making a model to plug these numbers into so that they can be fine tuned to assure that they work as I've explained, I'd be happy to hear from you!

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