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Perception is how your civilization perceives itself and, consequently, is an aspect of how it is perceived by other civilizations. Perception is based on the average "living memory" in the Orion Sector (which is 100 Cycles). Each civilization scores Perception Points every turn and the sum of last 100 turns played equals that civilization's Perception Point total (rounding up to the next whole number). The formula for determining the per turn allotment of Perception Points is calculated thus:

= "Golden Age:" 3x Global Social State (rounded off to the nearest whole number; and, yes, this value can be negative)
+ Domestic Tranquillity: +2 points if no Unrest or Rebellion exists within that civilization this turn-OR- +1 point if only no Rebellion exists within that civilization this turn.
+ Governmental Stability: -2 for Illegitimate government; -1 for Questionable; +1 for Venerable; +2 for Hallowed.
+ Social Progress: (Sum all Social Tech Field Levels institutionalized * 1.5) / turn #
+ Economic Stature: This score is made up of several subcomponents:

= Currency Strength: ((# of civilizations +1) Galactic Currency Strength Ranking using the lowest ranking for ties [note too that every civilization with a currency that is not floated all share the same Ranking]) / (# of civilizations / 2)

+ Economic Stability: A balanced economy is a stable economy. A civilization's GDP income base for Trade (via Space Ports (pre-tax), Slave Trading and inter-civilization Trade Agreements) and Manufacturing (pre-tax) are compared (ignoring all other income sources). If the lower of these two income values is within 15% of the higher, score 2 points. If it is within 35%, score 1 point.

For example, a civilization GDP is 1000 AUs from Trade and 770 from Manufacturing. Since the lower is greater than 15% but less than 35% of the higher, it would score 1 point here for Economic Stability from having a reasonably balanced economy.

+ Employment Rate: If a civilization's unemployment is between 0% and 6%, it scores 2 points. If its unemployment is greater than 5% but less than 10% or its underemployment is greater than 0% and less than 5%, it scores 1 point. If its unemployment is between 15% and 20% or underemployment is between 10% and 15%, it scores 1 point. If its unemployment exceeds 20% or underemployment exceeds 15%, it scores 2 points.

+ Treasury Standing: Compare the current Imperial Treasury surplus or deficit to that civilization's GDP from Trade (see above) and Manufacturing (only; ignoring other income sources). If there is a surplus, divide this GDP figure into the surplus and score that many points (up to a maximum of 3). If there is a deficit and it is between 25% to 50% of this GDP figure, score 1 point; if it is between 50% and 100% of this figure, score 2 points; and if it is over 100% of this figure, score 3 points.

/ 3

For example, a civilization's Currency Strength is +1.6; its Economic Stability is worth +1; its Employment is -3.2% (i.e., there's some slight underemployment) scoring another +1; and its running a debt that's 85% of its GDP scoring 1 point. The total is 1.6 + 1 + 1 1 = 2.6 / 3 = .87

+ Foreign Relations: the sum of the following, but cannot exceed + or 3 points:

+2 for being in a Unity
+1 for being in a Faction
+1 for each Non-Aggression Pact
+2 for each Defensive Alliance
+3 for each Full Military Alliance
+1 if currently a Full Voting Member of Orion Senate
-1 if previously a Full Voting Member of the Orion Senate but no longer one

+1 if economy setting is "Peace and Prosperity"
-1 if economy setting is "Limited War"
-2 if economy setting is "Total War"
-3 if economy setting is "Holy War"
-1 per enemy civilization engaged in an active (declared) war

-1 if this civilization is undergoing "Galactic Crimes Trials"
+ Galactic Dominance: +2 points if between 76% and 100% of leader's PowerGraph score-OR- +1 point if only between 51% and 75% of leader's PowerGraph score. 1 point if only between 0% and 25% of leader's Power Graph score.

For example: a civilization's Global Social State is .22 (x 3 =) which scores +.66; Domestic Tranquillity shows no planets with regions in Revolt, but at least one with a region in Unrest, scoring +1 point; its Governmental Stability rating is "Established," scoring 0 points, Social Progress brings in another + 1.34 points, its Economic Stature (from the above example) is +.87, Foreign Relations are something of a mess garnering a 2 score; but its Galactic Dominance is fair earning it +1 point. The Perception Score for this civilization this turn therefore is: .66 + 1 + 0 + 1.34 +.87 2 + 1 = 2.87. If this were the same score it earned for each of the last 99 turns as well, its Perception Victory Point Score would be 287.


Reality is a snapshot this turn of the "realpolitik" situation in the Orion Sector. The formula is based on every civilization's position relative to that of the first place player on the PowerGraph and is determined thus:

(%2 / 100) * Civs (rounded up) or, spelled out:

(Percentage Value of First Place player's score on the PowerGraph squared / 100) * half the number of civilizations currently in play (rounded up), rounded off to the nearest whole number

For example, there are currently 15 civilizations in play. The highest PowerGraph score at the moment is 1000 and one whose Reality score we're examining has 830 (or 83% of the PowerGraph score of the leader). The math is (832 / 100) = 68.89 * 8 = 551.12 (rounded off to 551).



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