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Press ReleasesMay 11, 2000


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MicroProse's MASTER OF ORION III Rebuilds the Galactic Empire Building Genre

LOS ANGELES (May 11, 2000) — While numerous pretenders to the throne of the Galactic Empire Building game genre have come and gone, MASTER OF ORION and MASTER OF ORION II have long remained at the pinnacle of excellence. Aspiring star lords will enjoy the even greater challenges and mysteries they'll find in the highly anticipated sequel: MASTER OF ORION III.

The MASTER OF ORION series has long featured everything a stellar tyrant could desire - empires in conflict, stars in the balance, espionage and arm-twisting politics. Now all of the intriguing elements of great science-fiction novels, films, or television series are available in a game format that will keep players riveted to their virtual thrones while they manage their civilization in space. As the Annals of Space and Time record their legacies, galactic emperors can, with the click of a mouse, set policies of freedom or oppression, offer peace or unleash armadas hurling electric death through space. Should strange alien races be confederated or annihilated? Should conquered peoples be enfranchised or enslaved? Should your own Leaders be trusted or tortured?

In a game that is lavishly rich in construction, diplomacy, espionage, political intrigue, and the values of Leadership, MASTER OF ORION III allows players to experience the social and political consequences of their deeds and policies, not just economic and military ones. And the enemies of the empire are not always "out there," either. Political opposition factions, rebels, traitors, and even disgruntled citizens may spawn a revolution or write a player's bloody epitaph of sic semper tyrannus (thus always to tyrants).

Hey, no one ever said being the emperor of the galaxy would be a piece of cake, right?

MASTER OF ORION III is playable by up to 8 live players in a galaxy that is more than three times larger than that of MASTER OF ORION II. MASTER OF ORION III features rich, turn-based game play with planning conducted simultaneously by all players under a clock. Space combat is performed in deliciously anxious real-time as players use limited information to carefully maneuver their Task Forces of ships, seeking to locate enemy forces before being detected themselves. Cunning and bold leadership plays its part in battle. And as technology progresses, the very nature of warfare in space also changes; so players must evolve their tactics in order to remain consistently victorious in battle.

MASTER OF ORION III is being created by veteran developer of classic strategy games Quicksilver Software, Inc. and published by family entertainment leader Hasbro Interactive, Inc. It features a wide range of multi-player and solitaire play options, 8 highly distinctive alien races, immersive science-fiction graphics, and an elegantly simple user interface design that will leave you wondering why all games aren't made this easy to use. MASTER OF ORION III will be available in November of 2001 for Windows 95/98 PCs.

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